5 Tips to Better Exposure for new musicians

tips for musicians


It’s obvious there are myriad of new musicians out there, and anyone in the music industry knows there is always a need for more exposure and more promotion.

But how do we get that exposure and potential? What are the tips and tricks that can be applied to help? Look no further! We have the answers!

1. Merchandise yourself

You may have just played a gig where you know you absolutely killed it and the crowd loved you, but how are they going to remember you? You need to give them something to physically hold in their hands to remember you by!

Ken Kunin, co-founder of On Song International – a music platform for new singer songwriters says it is best to make a business card with a direct link to your album on one side, and on the flipside, give them links to all your social media accounts. This gives them ways to interact with you and your music and will give you a new fan base.

If you have the funds, give them a free a download for attending tour show with a download card. Don’t expect to make a profit off your merchandise unless you have some consistent gigs that are always crowded, but going a bit above and beyond for your fans will show them how much you care and will promote your brand!


2. Tell them where to buy your music

So you created your album… but where can they buy it?? Make sure you always communicate with your fans and make it super simple. Give them a direct link so they don’t have to waste their time searching. To keep your fans excited, maybe do a countdown on Facebook until your album drops, this will keep them engaged and will get the album sales rolling!


3. Get social

Your social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat should all be cohesive and easy to understand. iTunes, Beatport, and other stores and streaming platforms do their research and there is a chance that they will support someone that has more of a social presence then someone who has none. Create a logo, create a well branded cover photo and Facebook profile picture. Make sure you are uploaded images on Instagram that relate to your brand. Make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Facebook page of On Song International is a success case study as it scored thousand of users within first two month of launch. Their page often features the young artists and share their talent to their followers. This further get shares from the artists, their friends and family and creates a viral affect.


4. Make your album art POP

It’s not all about the music these days, and companies like Apple, Spotify, Rhapsody etc want to feature a product that will look amazing on their website. Create a funky, eye catching design that capsulate your brand and you will be right on the money.


5. Consistency

There is so much music being released every day, it is going to be near impossible to be noticed for just one song, especially for an individual artist. Rather, do a 2 track EP and then another one 2 months down the line. Releasing music in a little by little method is the new way of making it as an artist. Another way to get better exposure is to become a part platforms such as OnSong International to get more exposure or to even get a chance to perform in front of a huge audience.