Career as a Chef – Hospitality Industry


Aspiring to be a chef? Well, you have made a great decision because hospitality industry in Australia is booming and there is a requirement of myriad of chefs to cater the needs of emerging restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Jenny from Chef Wears says that the hotel industry is growing in Australia mainly in Brisbane where we have recently seen lot of new hotels such as like Emporium, W hotel, Novotel and more. In recent commonwealth Games organised in nearby Gold Coast, hundreds of media personnels and business men and professionals came to Brisbane. During this time there was a huge demand of 5 or 7 star hotels and it was clearly evident that we just didn’t have enough to cater all of them. We need more 5 star hotels and currently we do not have enough 5 star accomodation to cater such events. Hence, there is a boom in hotels now and new hotels coming soon.

So if you are going for a chef career then its a great choice provided you give your full 100% to it. If you have a passion for cooking then why not?

Commercial cookery course is one way to go for it. Best part of these courses is that they also give you training or internship in the real world environment which means professional restaurant, cafe, hotel kitchens. The good thing is that you can work with the experienced chefs during your training and get great experience which will help you in your career as chef. Even thought it is tough job to make a sudden shift from college kitchen to real crazy busy kitchen, it is 100% worth it.

Getting a real world experience is worth millions of dollars. If you have the chance to get such as training, don’t complain and give you best in it. this will really go a long way in your career as chef.

Any chef would recommend you that if you go for this profession then make sure you have a passion for cooking, be professional, wear your chef whites, chef jackets , chef aprons , and every part of your uniform properly. Discipline is important and your uniform is big part of it.

Complete your course with good grades, take your training seriously and try to get experience with good reputation restaurants or hotels. This will help you in your career.