Career as a Male Model – Men Fashion and Grooming Industry


When you ask a kid in school what they want to be when they grow up, the typical answer is a doctor or engineer. However, a unique and not so common career field such as male fashion model can be a very rewarding career.

We interviewed John who manages Urbane Man online store for men grooming products such as Beard Oil Australia, beard balm Australia , beard wax and other men products. He says that Men fashion and grooming industry is a big industry now and there are myriad of men brands out there.

All of these brands need male models to showcase their products. Fashion industry is a booming industry worth billions of dollars. It is not just a big thing in cities like Milan and London, but also big in many emerging cities like New delhi, Tokyo, Beijing, and other growing countries or cities.

Australia is one such country where fashion and men grooming industry is growing. There are many men who spend thousands of dollars each year on men fashion clothing or men grooming products. Most purchase online.

As a result of the demand, many men brands are making their way in the Australian men fashion market. There are many international brands who are always seeking professional models to advertise their products. Hence, there is a huge scope and competition is not high yet. So the young men who are thinking of modelling as a career will not be disappointed.

There are plenty of modelling agencies in Australia who are always looking for talent. They recruit the models for the top brands. If you are in modelling, your best bet is to reach out to the reputed modelling agencies who recruit male models. Always keep a great portfolio of yourself ready so when you approach these modelling agencies, you always have your portfolio ready with you.

If you have the style and oomph then who can stop you from becoming the leading male model of the country!