How To Find A Job Fast

How To Find A Job Fast


Let’s be honest, finding a job especially your first job is not easy. It is a hard and very time-consuming process. However, if you follow the right tips and tricks, then it can actually look easy and you can get your dream job fast.

Many job seekers don’t know that out of all the applications companies receive, most are useless. When i say useless, I mean some of them absolutely are a mismatch with the advertised job. Further, there are many other applications which are unprofessional means the resume and cover letter is badly written. The whole English, sentence formation and the language used is just not right.

Furthermore, despite all those experts telling time and again to customise your resume, many still don’t care and simply send the same resume to all the jobs. It is hard to believe but there are still many lazy souls out there who desperately need a job but don’t want to put any effort in learning the right ways to find a job.

So here you are thinking that OMG how can I get selected when there are over 100 applicants but when you consider above facts then you will know that most of them are filtered out by the recruiters and only a few make it in the end. So if you can really understand what I am trying to say here, you have a high chance of getting the next job you apply.

Basically focus on quality rather than quantity. Instead of thinking about how many jobs you will apply, focus on the best ways to apply and get to the interview round.

In this video by professor Heather Austin, you’ll learn 5 job search strategies that will help you tap into your professional network and fast track your job search. The key is building a network. As per professor Austin, its all about who you know. Many jobs are filled by the people in the network of the recruiter.