How To Study For Exams Like as a Winner !

How To Study For Exams


There is a difference between hard work and smart work. Those who do smart work knows that along with hard work, they should also follow expert tips that can deliver better outcomes in less time.

Following this tip, you need to study hard and smart. Studying non-stop without any plan or strategy is not going to get you anywhere. You will end up getting fed up and your tired mind will cry “I can’t take it anymore!”. Not to mention the pressure that is already taking its toll especially if we are studying for a very important exam.

So what’s the right way to study for exams?

In this video below, Jess shares some exclusive tips on smart ways to study. Jess is a YouTuber, founder of Educationery, actor, writer, producer and author of “yep, I sure like to keep busy!”

The most important tip is that you keep taking notes from beginning and not leave everything for the last minute. Keep the notes and revise them time to time so you are not bombarded with the new information all at the same time during exams. Making notes also keeps you awake. This is especially a great tip for those who feel sleepy the moment they open the book.

Be an early starter. Get a head start and start reading way before others even start. This will actually make things easier for you and by the time you have exams, you already know much more than others.

During the exam, speaking to a friend and studying in groups can also do the trick. Studying with someone will keep you motivated and of course, you will never fall asleep. It’s a fun way to study and you can learn faster.

To be an A+ student, make an exam calendar and plan what you will be studying each day. This will help you organise things better and it will be easy to revise everything in the end.

Talking to your teacher a few days before the exam can be very fruitful. Your teacher is the one who will be setting up your exam and can guide you in the right direction if you feel lost. However, make sure you approach in the right way and not ask for quick shortcuts. Be genuine.

In the end, keep your energy up, take tiny breaks time to time and stay focused. This way you will do absolutely best in the exam.